Pamela: Pre-Marty Years, 1944-1980
As told by Marty (with added comments by Pamela)
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Thank you for visiting these pages to remember me. Every one of you has contributed to the quality of my life. The last few months have taught me not to look back, not to feel regrets, to let go of old resentments, and to appreciate that there is always something to look forward to.

I hope that I have remembered to thank those people both near and far away who have put their own lives aside when needed to provide either physical comfort or a willing ear.
Pamela was born on November 10, 1944 in Melbourne Australia to Dorothy and Andrew.

She grew up around Kinglake West in the mountains north of Melbourne (the boonies!). To attend high school, she had to ride a bus for many hours a day each way on an undeveloped mountain road. Pamela left high school after her 5th year exams to work at the Emulsion Lab at Kodak Australasia and to continue school at night. She then attended The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology majoring in Industrial Chemistry.
In the early 1960's, Pamela as a 17 year old with boyfriend Peter W.0_pre_marty/1960_pam_peter.jpg
Later in the 1960's, she moved to Sydney and went to work in the Clinical Lab at Marrickville District Hospital. Her boss was an American, one Bob R.

Pamela married Bob on November 13, 1965. Not long after, they sailed to America on the Oriana and settled in Milford, Connecticut.

About five years later they divorced.
0_pre_marty/1975_pam_jim.jpg0_pre_marty/1975_pam_chuck_lab.jpgPamela worked first in a lab at Yale, then soon moved across the street to the John B. Pierce Foundation Laboratories

She spent some 19 years there working for James D. (left) and about 5 of those 19 working with Charlie B. and guinea pigs (right).

She also developed enough seniority to have the best parking space in the lot!

Jim had a syringe in his hand (left image). Some of my good colleagues, looking at the photo, suggested that he was thinking 'bout injecting me with something.

Otherwise, I had been on my own for 15 years and was content as a single working female. Then came 1980...
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