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  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Oct-28 22:38:19 Anonymous coward said

    kinda strange, how ppl aren't turned the other direction running away! I know how much heat is coming off that thing and most ppl are looking straight at it, as if it were normal or something!
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Nov-21 11:18:22 Anonymous coward said

    c morton
    shock and awe for most. being a parent, i am glad to see one guy who was smart enough to have his kids safety in mind first though.
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Jan-31 18:09:52 Anonymous coward said

    This particular Su-27 crash killed over 80 people... Piss-poor flight path management.
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Mar-05 08:32:42 Anonymous coward said

    in fact it is a Su-30. read the full story at http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/07/28/1027497446606.html
  • Anonymous coward on 2007-Jul-28 07:11:22 Anonymous coward said

    no foreplanes - makes it an SU-27 in my book.
    BTW Nautilus , your article link also calls it a '27...
  • Anonymous coward on 2010-Apr-15 13:36:34 Anonymous coward said

    forward canards are an option I believe...also most Su 30's are two seaters...looks like a Su 27


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