• Anonymous coward on 2004-Sep-18 06:26:58 Anonymous coward said

    As I remember, this Concorde had a piece of metal from the runway puncture a fuel tank on takeoff. It turned back to the airport, and crashed less than a mile from the runway. All aboard were killed.
  • Anonymous coward on 2004-Dec-20 17:33:06 Anonymous coward said

    Nah... I don´t think that they ever tryied to return to CDG (Paris) they had alot of problems just to stay in fully control.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Jul-24 00:10:22 Anonymous coward said

    boy, it almost looks like a rocket assisted take off.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Aug-17 12:42:34 Anonymous coward said

    I remember the pilot tried, but was loosing altitude, all he could do in the end was steer to the right of a hotel, and take out as few people on the ground as possible.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Sep-28 12:49:06 Anonymous coward said

    True Story!: When I read about this in my local news paper, directly below it there was a story whose headline read; "Firestone death toll rises to 81". Coincidence?
  • Anonymous coward on 2006-Nov-18 09:53:36 Anonymous coward said

    a sad day for aviation everywhere


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